why GIbraltar?

The “Rock of Gibraltar", as it is popularly known, enjoys unique status as an offshore financial centre within the European Union so that it offers some distinct advantages as a base for commercial, financial and other business interests.

Gibraltar is a self-governing British territory. All matters affecting the Rock are handled by its democratically-elected Government and legislation is passed by Gibraltar's Parliament known as the House of Assembly. Gibraltar's defence and external affairs rest in the hands of the United Kingdom Government.

Gibraltar is the only British European financial centre that is a full member of the European Union since 1973 by virtue of the provisions of Article 299(4) of the Treaty of Rome. The Treaty of Accession exempts Gibraltar from various European Union matters such as Value Added Tax and the Common Agricultural Policy. The symbol of the Rock has long stood for stability and strength. This is reflected in Gibraltar's stable democratic status; though a crown colony of the United Kingdom, in practice it is largely self-governing. Gibraltar's status and offshore tax capabilities offers clients substantial advantages, as it is the only British overseas territory that is part of the EU.

Gibraltar's European Union membership brings clear commercial benefits to Gibraltar registered companies which can access the Union's financial services markets. Gibraltar has evolved over the last two decades into one of the most reputable and respected offshore financial centres. The quality of its banking and insurance services are known worldwide and the establishment of prime institutions on the Rock takes place on a regular basis.

Geographically, Gibraltar is ideally situated being close to Spain and Portugal and a mere short hop from Africa. Frequent daily flights provide the bridge to and from the United Kingdom with which Gibraltarians have always had strong personal, political and constitutional links.

Malaga airport, in the South of Spain, is only an hour’s drive from Gibraltar and it provides regular flights to and from many international destinations.